June’s Green Mom’s Carnival topic is on Eco Confessions and I do have a few to add to the fun! 

  • Paper towels – I have to admit that I love and use paper towels (often, daily, okay hourly ).  I have great intentions to reduce our consumption of paper towels but alas, have not committed to that endeavor.  Someday.
  • Coke – I LOVE Coke. I have to drink one 12 oz. can EVERY DAY.  I have an internal clock that goes off at 11am telling me “it’s Coke time”.  Even my co-workers know that 11am is my Coke time.  I know there is BPA in soda cans but it’s the only addiction I have and I don’t like the taste of Coke in plastic bottles.  My first choice is Coke from the fountain ( particularly McDonald’s fountain but that’s another conession ) but it’s more expensive so ….
  • Not so eco-friendly packaging – Somewhere on my to do list is to find and purchase more eco-friendly packaging for all of the giveaway products I send out.  Currently I use the easiest to find envelopes and if the product needs it, the envelope will have bubble wrap on the inside.
  • MickeyD’s french fries – I gave up their cheeseburgers long ago but I can’t give up their french fries.  I tried to do it but then our local shop started a campaign “Smaller batches, more often” and all of a sudden, the french fries were ALWAYS hot and salty.  Who can resist that???? I’m weak, what can I say.
  • SUV – We’re purchasing an SUV after having a station wagon for 5 years.  After many trips with stuff hanging out of the car and the addition of a child in the fall, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a bigger car.  Because my husband works from home and I only work part-time, we only put about 15,000 miles on our cars in total. The average family drives about 24,000 miles/year ( 2 cars ) – that’s my defense :)

 For more confessions from green moms, check out The Green Parent tomorrow!

Any confessions YOU want to share??



  1. I am so with you on those fountain Coke’s girl! That is my one true weakness…and even though it’s expensive and creates disposable waste, I do indulge in the occasional McD’s coke. It’s just oo good not to!!

  2. Seems Coke is a bit vice in our group lol. As is McDonald’s.

  3. as a kid my cousins first introduced me to fountain coke, the local hot spot seemed to mix it extra syrupy and I’d beg for my ” driving” cousins to get me one! what’s amazing to me is how that taste, that bubbly goodness immediately comes to mind as I type. Pretty powerful stuff!


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