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This post is for the Green Moms Carnival on Green Schools, which will run on August 10th at OrganicMania.

School may seem like it just got out but it won’t be long before you are planning for the 1st day of school again.  This year, consider working with your child’s school to implement some healthy and eco-friendly programs.  If you are an educator, approach the administration about their interest in a greener school.

My Healthy School is an online resource designed for educators to help teach their students about a healthy lifestyle.  Seven sections provide action plans for creating greener and more socially responsible schools and children.

School Food outlines what healthy food is including organic, locally grown and allergy policies.  Action plans include nutrition goals and sample menus.

School Supplies has green cleaning guidelines, recommendations for building, classroom and art supplies and an ‘approved supply list’ to pass onto parents.

School Grounds has lots of info to pass onto administrators and facility management with recommendations from recycling programs and energy use to pest management and playground maintenance.

School Gardens has several action plans to get a garden started from choosing a site to planting the garden.  They include curriculum integration and a great list of resources, many from other school districts implementing the program.

Eco Education provides teaching tools including books, DVDs, websites and products to teach about alternative energy sources, carbon footprint, waste reduction, nature and more.  There are activity pages, lesson plans, classroom project and field trip ideas to download as well.

Wellness incorporates fitness, sports and classroom wellness into a ‘healthy school’ with suggestions for locker room rules, hydration, first aid, nutrition, oral hygiene and PE class.

Social Responsibility advises educators on the importance of social responsibility education sharing success stories from other schools and application for the classroom.

There are also two special sections for Parents and Administrators.  The Parents section has great ideas for packing a healthy lunch, home projects, PTA and room parents.  The Administrator section has nutrition policy, assembly programs and fundraising advice.

Parent, Educator or Administrator, there is a lot of information to create your child’s healthy school at My Healthy School!



  1. Sadly around here greening schools won’t happen anytime soon. There are huge budget cuts state wide so things are getting worse not better. 🙁

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