Bon Ami

BonAmi is a great non-toxic alternative to Comet or Ajax.  The active ingredient in Comet is sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate, a chemical rated ‘highly toxic’ by the EPA.  

Created over 120 years ago, BonAmi is made from calcite & feldspar mineral abrasives, and biodegradable detergent.  It contains no chlorine, dye, phosphorus, or fragrance.  It’s recommended for use by those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. I use it on all of my stainless steel appliances and in my ceramic sink – it’s not abrasive so it cleans without scratching.  At just over $1 per can, it’s totally affordable.

For tips on how to use BonAmi for cleaning crystal, swimming pools, wooden decks and other items, check out the BonAmi website.

WHERE TO BUY:  BonAmi is available at grocery stores, mass retailers, hardware and health food stores.  You can search for a local retailer by state.


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