31 Days: A Halloween Party on the Cheap {Day 11}

Welcome to 31 Days:The No Spend Month. If you are joining for the first time, you may want to start on Day 1.

We are hosting a Halloween party for the neighborhood families and a few close friends on October 31. It also happens to be my husband’s birthday. We’ve opened our house from 5-7pm for chili, chowder and soups + homemade bread and cornbread.

To keep the costs within our No Spend Month budget, here’s a few ideas I’m using:


Using my Eating from the Pantry method, I’ve found we have lots of food on hand that can be put into soups, chowders and chili.  We have cornmeal and flour, along with the other necessary ingredients for homemade cornbread.  I also will be making several loaves of homemade bread.

I have guacamole, salsa and bean dip, all I need to pick up are chips.  We’ll be serving hot spiced cider, wine and beer – already stocked in the pantry.  I will pick up a few ingredients to make a Halloween punch.


I always keep a few boxes of cake mix for last minute cupcakes and I’ll be making frosting to top these adorable candy corn cupcakes.  Last year, I roasted and pureed several pumpkins and I still have one jar of puree left for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I scored 8 bags of Halloween candy for free using coupons, including a bag of candy corn for the cupcakes.  We live in a neighborhood very popular for trick-or-treating so I need to have 500 pieces of candy to hand out. After the few bags I’ll have left over from the party, I’ve started purchasing other good deals I find.  I’m looking for Daily Deals and coupons to keep that expense down.


I have one box of Halloween and Thanksgiving decor to decorate with each year. I’ve already packed the mantel with pumpkins and candles. I’m taking a walk through the park to pick up fall leaves tomorrow. I’ll dry them to display, like this.  I’ll also be using some of the free printables here and here.

I went to the Dollar Store and spent $4 to pick up the following:

  • plates and napkins
  • balloons
  • orange and black striped containers to hold food

In total, the party will cost me about $10 more than I would have spent not having it and it’s coming from the $300 grocery budget this month. It’s a great, inexpensive way to host our neighbors and friends for a fun night and have a small celebration for my husband’s birthday.

What do you do on Halloween? Any other ideas to throw a party on the cheap?



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