The One Word That Will Save You Hundreds (Maybe Thousands) This Year

shopping bags

I‘m excited to be a regular contributor over at Money Your Way and started over there writing about a simple trick I’ve learned to keep myself from spending needlessly. From the post:

When I look through the closets in my house, I see items that haven’t been worn more than one or two times. A bread maker still in the box that I swore would save us money on bread. Coupons printed for items I don’t really use.

Oh, you too?

Honestly, I’m not someone who believes every purchase has to be a need but I do find that spending hard earned money on items that we value brings us more long term joy than the impulse purchases that were “such a great deal”.

A few months ago, I found the common theme amongst my overspending: I didn’t even know most of these deals existed until I checked my Inbox or mailbox.

Click here to read the rest and share with me how you keep yourself from spending impulsively.


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