Homemade Halloween Costumes

Image Courtesy eHow.com

Image Courtesy eHow.com

Today you can’t go anywhere without seeing an all-in-one Halloween costume for all ages ( and at all price ranges ).  I can’t recall EVER buying a new Halloween costume when I was a kid.  In fact, most of the pieces in my dress-up box ( yes, I still have one! ) have come from Goodwill or a garage sale collected over many years.  

If you can’t fathom paying $40 for a costume (worn 1x ) or just want to keep the clutter out of your house – get your creative juices flowing and make one.  How easy would it be to pull together a ghost, pirate or princess costume – all from stuff you probably have hiding in the closets in your house.

For lots of ideas, check out these sites:

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Another way to avoid buying a new costume – borrow one!  This year, I lent out 2 of my daughter’s costumes from previous holidays and I’ll be borrowing one from a friend.  With a trip to Goodwill for one additional piece for my husband, our family will be ready for Halloween for a couple dollars!


Crayon Cozies

crayon-roll-1aI love that I know how to sew. Curtains, pillows, Daisy Duke shirt for my 12th grade Sadie Hawkins dance.  Basic sewing but still, sewing.

I recently had some time to get crafty and made a crayon cozy for my daughter.  A cozy for crayons of all things.  But this is brilliant. I don’t know what mom originally designed the crayon cozy but it’s genius. It’s a take anywhere, crayon holder to toss in your purse. The thing I love best about it is that it’s adorable in my purse it’s so green! Instead of wasting those boxes of crayons at restaurants ( you know the ones with 4 cheap crayons that break the first time you use them ), you have your own set in a reusable container. You can make it greener by using one made with organic cotton fabric or filling it with soy crayons. 

For a great pattern to make your own crayon cozy, check out ‘Skip to My Lou‘ .  Alternatively, if you want to buy a crayon cozy, check out Etsy, there are lots of moms selling crayon cozies – you can customize the colors, patterns or add a monogram.