Natural Face Paints for Halloween

Natural Face Paints - free of parabens, lead, artificial colors and all the other junk

When Halloween rolls around every year, stores are filled with cheap paint to decorate our children’s faces. Without thinking, we smother their precious skin with paint filled with lead, parabens and artificial colors.

Unfortunately the FDA does not regulate  face paints so it’s no surprise that the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 10 face paints and found all 10 contained lead and several other heavy metals.

Fortunately, we can recommend many natural face paints and a quick recipe to make your own!

Earth Paint has both a Mini Face Painting Kit  or their All Natural Face Painting Kit. This clay and mineral based face paint is made with over 70% organic ingredients. It’s free of nano particles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and animal products such as carmine.

This Natural Face Paint Set from Glob comes with 5 colors and a bamboo applicator. It contains no titanium dioxide, synthetic dyes, parabens, talc or petro-chemicals.

I really like these Face Pencils from Nova Naturals. They are primarily made of palm oil and are lead-free and paraben-free in a wood casing.

Luna Organics has fun makeup kits designed specifically for Animals, Fairies, Super Stars, Ballerinas and Pop Stars. They are made with minerals and free of parabens and artificial dyes.

I think face paint in the form of a tube is the easiest form of application so I love the Pretendi Naturali Face Paint Sticks from Luna Star Naturals. They are free of parabens, dyes and petrochemicals and are made in the USA.

This DIY natural face paint recipe sounds like it works but you’ll need to buy this natural food coloring to make it.