31 Days: 10 Cheap Date Night Ideas {Day 13}

Welcome to 31 Days:The No Spend Month. If you are joining for the first time, you may want to start on Day 1.

In 8 years of marriage, we’ve never done a date night at home.  I know it’s a common way to save money but I find that I enjoy my time with my husband most when we’re out of the house, not listening for a child waking or household distractions.

We don’t regularly go out more than one or two times a month and it’s often for a get-together with friends.  When we want to hang by ourselves and save a few bucks, here’s a few of our favorite night out ideas:

Go Scenic

TO GO: Head to a nearby location with a great view of the city.

TO BRING: A favorite drink and dessert.

TO DO:  Ask 20 Date Night Questions.

Into Nature

TO GO: Local observatory, planetarium or night hike.

TO BRING: Warm clothes, a blanket and a star chart.

TO DO:  Explore and cuddle.

Dream A Little Dream House

TO GO: Open house tours.

TO BRING: Camera, pen and paper.

TO DO:  Walk through homes for sale and make note of what you love.

Learn Your History

TO GO: Most museums are free once or twice a month.

TO BRING: Just yourselves!

TO DO:  Take time to read and participate, you might just learn something.

Get Sporty

TO GO: Try a new sport: batting cages, ice skating, paintball, pool or rent a tandem bike.

TO BRING: Appropriate clothing.

TO DO:  Teach each other what you know (and finding out what you don’t!).

Be Thrifty

TO GO: Thrift store.

TO BRING: $10.

TO DO: Buy something for the other person without spending more than $5 each.


TO GO: Volunteer at a local organization such as a food pantry or soup kitchen.

TO BRING: Helping hands.

TO DO: Give of your time generously alongside the one you love.

Make It a Theme

TO GO: Wherever your theme night takes you.

TO BRING: Dress appropriately.

TO DO: Choose a theme and base your night around it. Idea: Cowboy/Cowgirl Night – BBQ and Line Dancing.

Progressive Dinner, Coupon Style

TO GO: A different restaurant for appetizers, dinner and dessert.

TO BRING: Coupons for each restaurant.

TO DO: Most restaurants won’t take more than one coupon per table so use your appetizer coupon at one restaurant, your dinner coupon at another and your dessert coupon at another.


TO GO: On the tourist route.

TO BRING: A tourist guide book available for free through your city’s visitor center.

TO DO: Pretend you are new to the city, visit the places mentioned in the guide book and take silly tourist pictures.


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