Natural and Non-Toxic Nail Polish

I have a few bottles of natural nail polish in my stash but I am not good about using them consistently. If I run off for a pedicure, I never take a bottle with me, I always use one of the pretty OPI bottles found at the salon. But, no longer.

I recently read research from Duke University that it takes less than 14 hours from the time you paint your nails to have THP, a known endocrine disruptor found in nail polish, in your body.

“A number of laboratory studies have found that exposure to TPHP caused endocrine disruption. In animal studies, it has caused reproductive and developmental problems. Recent scientific research suggests that TPHP may contribute to weight gain and obesity.”

I’m beefing up my stash of non-toxic nail polishes and throwing one in my car to keep on hand. Here’s a guide to what’s safe on the market.

Nail Polish

At the minimum, it is recommend to avoid polishes with the ‘Big 3’: formaldehyde, tolulene and DBP. That’s not too hard to do given that most conventional brands have adopted this philosophy as well.


“It is alarming to think my ruby red nail polish could come with a side of toxic ingredients that could ultimately end up in my body,” said Schrode. By voting with our dollars we can shift the marketplace towards safer, healthier products…beginning with my own bottle of bright, glossy nail polish.”

Polish Remover 

Look for polish remover without acetone – the ingredient in conventional removers. Brands to shop for:

Bamboo Towelette Works Polish Remover Nail Wipes – made with soft, renewable bamboo, they are biodegradable, acetone free and infused with argan oil.  For just $3, these are my favorite.

Organic Lavender Nail Polish Remover – made in America with a soy-bean base, this remover gets great reviews on Amazon.

Priti Natural Nail Polish Remover and Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover  are both derived from soybeans and are petroleum free.

Mineral Fusion Polish Remover and Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover  are made without acetone and also vegan and cruelty free.