Krylon H2O Latex Spray Paint

h20Low or no VOC paint is easy to find but unfortunately, the same options do not exist in spray paint.  The good news is that there is a better choice for spray paint – Krylon H2O Latex spray paint.  It’s about 25% lower in VOCs and contributes 55% less to smog pollution than traditional spray paint.  H2O Latex comes in 19 colors and dries in 1 hour.  An added benefit – it cleans up with soap and water.

While spray paint isn’t the most eco-friendly option ( aerosol cans release particles into the air that you then breathe and the cans can’t be recycled ), there are just some things that are far easier to spray paint than paint ( wicker chairs, for instance ).  If you’re going to spray paint, you might as well choose the best option and right now, it’s Krylon H2O Latex.

I found H2O Latex at Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s craft stores but Krylon sells their products at Ace, KMart, Sears, Sherwin Williams and many online stores.


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