15 Tips to Save Money and Your Sanity at Disneyland, LegoLand, and SeaWorld

15 Tips to Save Money and Your Sanity at Disneyland Legoland and SeaWorld on mommygoesgreen.com

After traveling for 12 days in Southern California, I came back with lots of thoughts on travel including tips for traveling with families and how I manage my fear of flying. Today, I’m finishing up with specific thoughts on how to save your money and your sanity at theme parks.

Saving Your Money

1. Theme parks require a lot of walking and standing. Little ones get tired and then you pay $15 to rent a stroller. Do that a few days and you realize you should have brought or bought one. If we had to do it over again, I would have bought a $20-$30 stroller once we got to California and then either hauled it home or left it at our rental house for future families in need of one.

2. Each a big breakfast at the house or hotel and bring lots of snacks for the kids. We brought in packed sandwiches and snacks so they could eat all day and then the adults purchased lunch. You might also bring a water bottle for each family member and then just fill them up at drinking fountains during the day. Water at the parks are about $3 per bottle. On a hot day, that really adds up.

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My Fear of Flying (and Why I Do It Anyway)

never let your fear decide your fate

I love to travel and having been to Europe a dozen times or more, I’m no stranger to an airplane. But honestly, I’d take a two day road trip over getting on an airplane for just two hours.

Days before the trip, I feel the anxiety rising up while I talk myself off the ledge with these sensible thoughts:

  • Statistically speaking, I could fly every day for 14,000 YEARS without being in an accident. (source)
  • Turbulence is an uncomfortable nuisance but it’s totally normal. For all intents and purposes, a plane cannot be flipped upside-down, thrown into a tailspin, or otherwise flung from the sky by even the mightiest gust or air pocket. (source)
  • Those loud noises throughout the flight are normal. (source)

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10 Tips for Family Travel

10 tips for family travel on mommygoesgreen.com

We just got back from a great Spring Break in Southern California visiting sandy beaches and theme parks. It was pretty much my kid’s dream vacation. I’m no expert but after years of traveling to the Caribbean, Mexico and across the country with two kids, I’ve got a few travel tips that make vacationing work for us (and keep us coming back for more)!

1. Before each trip, we set expectations by telling the kids the general itinerary and sleeping arrangements, making sure to talk about proper behavior on the airplane, in hotels, museums, etc.

2. Things to consider when booking tickets:

  • time of day for traveling – morning works better for us
  • direct vs. layovers – a 2 hour layover might be a good time to have a real meal and get some wiggles out
  • seats – we prefer to sit 1 adult/1 child in two different rows up near the front of the airplane because we are then first to get drinks and get off the plane

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