Turning Cardboard Boxes Into Your Child’s Dream Playhouse

Turning Cardboard into a Playhouse - plans and photos

When I was a kid, my mom threw me a 50’s themed birthday party complete with a jukebox made out of an old refrigerator box.  Once the party was over, it stuck around the house for a month or two while we continued to play with it.  Quite a bit of use for an old refrigerator box that was otherwise bound for the recycling bin.

Now that I have my own kids, I can see how busy a simple cardboard box can keep them. I’ve added these AMAZING Mr. McGroovy’s Rivets to our Christmas wish list so we can create something spectacular.

You can download plans with step-by-step instructions to build projects like a firetruck, castle, space ship or lemonade stand.    All you need is some free cardboard boxes, Mr. McGroovy’s Rivets and some paint.

This DIY castle was made out of cardboard! Here's how....

For more inspiration, check out the photo gallery where people have shared their project photos.



  1. That’s fantastic! I have to bookmark this for future use. Like most kids Nate loves cardboard boxes but at 13 months he’s satisfied with them as they are. One of my fondest childhood memories also involves a cardboard box. My dad made me a phenomenal Barbie two story house with cardboard stairs. I loved it. Loved it so much that it was at the heart of one of the few times I got in trouble. At four years old I did not want to share it with my friends 🙂

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