Are Your Dairy Products Hormone Free? (30+ Dairy Brands That Are)

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Remember when rBST-free milk was all the rage?  Now, it’s probably harder to find milk with hormones, than not (just a guess). But what about cheese? Or sour cream, cottage cheese and ice cream, for that matter? If we don’t make it from scratch (and some of us don’t, at least not yet), are we assuming that all dairy is hormone free?

What got me into this mess was a sale on cheese. I scooped it up, stuck it in the fridge and promptly realized I hadn’t checked the label on a brand I don’t normally purchase. It didn’t say “made from cows not treated with rBST” anywhere. A few minutes of research later and I knew that cheese in the fridge had hormones in it. <gasp> So I made my husband eat it.

Fast forward a few years and I loyally only buy one local brand of dairy. It’s hormone free and every milk delivery is tested for antibiotics (all milk, conventional or organic, is tested for specific antibiotics and if positive, cannot be sold). And frankly, it’s just simple buying from one brand that I know is hormone-free and fits in my budget.

If you can find a local farmer that you trust and can afford, do it! But when that isn’t an option, here are 30 conventional dairy brands that offer hormone free dairy products that you might find at your local grocery store. If an online policy is available, I’ve linked to it, otherwise I obtained the information through emails with each company.

Note: 100% organic dairy products are always free of milk from cows given rBST so I have not included them in my list of 30 conventional brands.

  • Tillamook
  • Umpqua :: policy
  • Darigold :: policy
  • Knudsen
  • Schneider’s :: policy
  • Sunshine Dairy :: policy
  • Daisy :: policy
  • Alpenrose Dairy
  • Turner Dairy :: policy
  • Smith Dairy :: policy
  • Oakhurst Dairy :: policy
  • Jilbert Dairy :: policy
  • Roberts Dairy : policy
  • Hood (note: only milk and ice cream) :: policy
  • Trader Joe’s labeled dairy products
  • Whole Foods 365 and 365 Organic :: policy
  • Kroger branded dairy products (note: milk and cream used in all dairy products are rBST free but they are still sourcing rBST free dairy powders such as whey, buttermilk, and whey protein concentrate)
  • Safeway labeled dairy products :: policy
  • Kerrygold Butter :: policy
  • Challenge Butter (note: 6 of their butter products listed in the policy) :: policy
  • Dannon
  • Yoplait Yogurt
  • Chobani Yogurt :: policy
  • Brown Cow Yogurt :: policy
  • Fage Yogurt :: policy
  • Nancy’s Yogurt :: policy
  • Ben and Jerry’s (note: all milk and cream is but cannot guarantee manufactured ingredients like brownies, cookie dough, etc. are hormone free) :: policy

These brands have some dairy products that are made from milk not treated with rBST but only if labeled:

  • Kraft
  • Cabot Cheese
  • Precious Cheese

Here’s just a few of the brands that responded to my inquiry that had a variety of responses basically stating that their products are not guaranteed to be free of milk from cows treated with rBST:  Breyer’s, Blue Bunny, Borden, Sargento, Dreyer’s, Frigo, Haagen-Dazs, Hilmar Cheese, Land O’Lakes, Philadelphia, Walmart (milk is free of rBST but not other Walmart branded dairy products) and Publix (milk is free of rBST but other Publix branded dairy products).

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Let’s grow this list! What brands do you commonly purchase?


  1. Thanks for a very helpful list! I now get organic raw milk directly from the farmer, and make my own kefir from that, but hadn’t thought of cheeses and such!

  2. Thank you for this list. I love the Tillamook cheese, did not know it was hormone free. I quite buying it because it is not labeled. Actually had one company (no names) tell me they doubted that I could purchase any cheese that was hormone free. Ick.

    Again thank you.

  3. heather says:

    I’m confused about kroger. Does that mean all of their dairy products are hormone free?

  4. Hi Heather, most Kroger branded dairy products are hormone free but not any brand carried at Kroger. If it is a Kroger branded dairy product that contains whey, buttermilk or whey protein concentrate, it may not be 100% hormone free as “they are still sourcing rBST free dairy powders”. For example, the Krogram brand milk is hormone free because it is 1) Kroger brand and 2) does not contain any dairy powders. Does that help?

  5. Hello there and thank you for the article. Can you give me any information on Anderson Dairy milk as well as Viva brand milk. Thank you so much

  6. Hi was just wondering about Meijer milk?

  7. We recently tried Promised Land 2 percent milk – it is phenomenal and claims to be hormone free. I am searching for butter and cheese that is also hormone free. I did find chicken at Sam’s, raw, hormone and antibiotic free so we’ll be buying that in the future. Also picked up some very reasonable price hamburger and bacon at Braum’s. All their Braum’s labeled products are hormone free. It’s really hard to change habits- I shop at Sam’s a lot and a local butcher shop – the cows are grain fed and the meat fantastic, however it does have hormones in it.

  8. robotic service says:

    The last Kroger Milk label we read said their farmers “Pledge” not to use rBST. Is that a guarantee or certified to be hormone-free?

  9. Talking with customer service, Kroger butter is not guaranteed to be rBST free.

  10. Interesting Lili, what did they tell you? This is the information I received from Kroger. “These dairy farmers are required to provide Kroger with the appropriate certification verification. As a result of these certification programs and growing customer interest in this issue, Kroger has informed its raw milk suppliers that it will only procure raw milk from dairy cows that are certified rBST-free. The milk and cream going into the products will be rBST free.”

  11. is hy-vee milk rBST free

  12. Thank you for the list. Can you tell me why companies like Daisy do not print the hormone free status on their labels?
    Thank you.

  13. Ralph’s grocery stores (West coast) assure me that ALL their milk and cream are rBST free, so their Ralph’s brand name products are also hormone free.

  14. Thank you for this list…however, I notice you list DAISY brand…I saw a very disturbing video on Facebook about how they treat their animals at Daisy farms. I will never buy their products again. Does anyone have any information about this?
    Would love to hear from you. Thanks

  15. Gail Shepard says:

    I was relieved to see that Stonyfield Farms and Trader Joe’s milk products are hormone free. What about Lowe’s Foods brands?

  16. I see Kerrygold butter on the list, but I don’t see Kerrygold cheese. Also, when I click on the “policy” link beside it, there’s nothing there. Do you know if all Kerrygold products are hormone-free?

    Thank you!

  17. Tony B. says:

    Do NOT trust Whole Foods. They are now owned by Monsanto.

  18. Great value from Walmart, Starbucks drinks and Panara Bread all have rBGH free milk products!

  19. Hilarie says:

    Please forgive me as I see no other concerns posted like mine. My late husband and I waited to have a child til I was nearly 40. In the last month I have noticed our 10 and a half year old is beginning to develop up top. I found this surprising since she is so young. It donned on me tonight that it might be the dairy products I buy. We eat very little meat and wouldn’t know if it was hormone free. We do use a lot of dairy for our protein.
    Anyway, can the hormones in our milk be making my little girls body develop to soon? Thank you, Hilarie

  20. After more thorough research on Land of Lakes butter I have found the following link concerning whether they produce their butter via cows treated with rBST. Bottom line is they do not use dairy cows treated with the rBST hormone. Here is the link.

  21. No where on “ANY” Kroger cheese label does it read: RBST FREE , NONE ; I called Kroger 800 Number shown on the cheese label and the Kroger Representative that answered My call “Didn’t Know the answer”” ,so after doing some checking with other people in her office , she advised Me : “Kroger dose not Guarantee their Cheese to be RBST Free”. SO , I Stopped Buying ALL Kroger Dairy Products , except occasional Milk ; SAME goes for SAFEWAY BRAND Cheese & Dairy Products , NO Guarantee to be RBST Free , NONE .

  22. I just called Costco, Kroger & Walmart.
    Kroger & Walmart brand milk ARE RBST free. Neither of them can guarantee their cheese is.
    Kroger did say that if you can find their “Simple Truth” brand in dairy it should be RBST free because that is their organic brand.

    Costco said there is a less than 1% probability their shredded cheddar is not RBST free, but they still can’t guarantee. I didn’t ask about their milk.

    I used to buy Tillamook cheese which I love and it’s RBST free but they no longer carry it around here. 🙁

    Hope this helps someone.

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