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This post was updated here in the 2014 Guide to Safer Bath Toys.

I was recently at Babies ‘R Us looking through the bath toys for a last minute addition to a baby shower gift.  I looked through everything they had but couldn’t find even one bath toy that wasn’t plastic or at least plastic and labeled ‘PVC Free’ so I skipped on the baby toy and found something else.  Now I’m on a mission to find bath toys – that you can find locally at some of the big box stores – that are safe so you can avoid the same experience!

Boon Odd Duck

Boon Odd Duck

BOON –  Finally, a PVC free rubber duckie!  You can be confident buying ANY of the BOON bath toys because they are all PVC, BPA and phthalate FREE!  In addition to their rubber duckies, they have several other bath toys for all ages.  Locally, you can find Boon products at Babies R Us, babyGap, buybuyBaby, Baby Depot and Target.

Summer Infant Digital Temperature Tester

Summer Infant Digital Temperature Tester

Summer Infant– The 3 bath toys that the company confirmed were PVC, phthalate and BPA free are the digital temperature tester, tub time bubble maker, and tub time light up stacker.


Sassy Tubby Tumblers

Sassy – Although the packaging isn’t labeled, all of the bath toys currently listed on the Sassy website are PVC, phthalate and BPA free.  Sassy did say that 3 toys DO have BPA and may still be in stores, so stay away from these: rubber duckie with temperature gauge, Gator Boat, and Sassy Car Wash.

Infantino– I inquired and the response from Infantino was that their toys “conform with the safety regulations and have the allowable amounts of PVC and phthalates.”  So I would stay away from Infantino.

Although I’ve only included some of the major manufacturers here, you can also find many other brands of bath toys that are safe at local baby boutiques.

If there are any particular brands you are curious about, let us know!  We’ll find out how safe they are.



  1. I would like to know if the Eric Carle ABC/123 Bath Set is safe for my baby. I cannot find anything online which states one way or another, and am unable to find an email address to contact them directly.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Hi – I contacted Kids Preferred, the manufacturer of the Eric Carle Bath set and was told that they are “made of PVC that is BPA free and phthalate free”. So to answer your question – they ARE made of PVC.

    Tiffany for MGG

  3. Wow! Thank you so much!! It is such a chore finding safe products for babies. My poor baby has no toys to play with ’cause I’m having such a hard time : (
    I already have so much to worry about! Thanks for helping out in this one area!!

    Any tips on finding a safe high chair that doesn’t cost a fortune?

  4. What about safe bath books? Obviously they are in the mouth half the time, so I am especially worried about these.

  5. You can buy Sandra Boynton’s bath books (she has two) and they are listed on her website as PVC-free.

  6. We did a list of vinyl free bath books here:

  7. What about the brand they are now selling at target, B. You? The interlocking bugs are labeled phalarope and bpa free. How about PVC? I also got the fishing boat from them…?

  8. Nice article. I am having a hard time finding infant toys that safe. I finally found Vulli’s Sophie the Giraffe here at three months old – not a moment too soon! The little one loves her giraffe. Only down side is the dog loves her too. (Careful with those squeaky toys dog owners. Supervision always.) Otherwise we love Sophie and found her at Learning Express:

    Another great resource is:

  9. I am also wondering about the new brand at target called b. You? Are they PVC free? I have the one two squeeze blocks. Thank you in advance

  10. Thank you SOOO much for this information!!! Do you have any updated information you could add? Thanks!! This is soo helpful!

  11. Thank you so much for your list of safe bath toys and books, do you know if the Sophie the Giraffe bath book is safe?

  12. Sorry, I should add that the Sophie book is made of EVA. Is that a safe material?

  13. The “B. You” at Target is a division of Battat toys. Check out the website. I called them recently, was very impressed. All their toys are bpa and phthalate free even though some at Target etc dont have that listed on the packaging. Watch your prices though, some things on Amazon are like triple the Target price.

  14. I contacted fisher price-and they say their toys are all PVC, BPA and phthalate FREE-at least the bath toys. I was told that if they contained those items it would be clearly labeled on the box. Below is my “chat” with them.

    You have been connected to Pam.
    Pam: Hi tamika, thank you for contacting Fisher Price. My name is Pam. How can I help you today?
    tamika : i want to know what is in this toy (topzy tumblers tubtime boat) is it pvc free?
    tamika : it is bpa free?
    Pam: Yes it is.
    tamika : to both?
    Pam: Yes.
    Pam: Ingredient and Global manufacturing information can be found here
    The agent is sending you to
    tamika : so i dont have to worry about chemicals leaching into the bath water?
    Pam: Correct.
    tamika : i didnt see anywhere on the box it labeled pvc free
    tamika : all PVC, BPA and phthalate FREE
    Pam: If these chemicals were in the product it would be listed.
    tamika : where?
    tamika : it doesnt say what it is made of on the box-and i am not opening it until i know for sure
    tamika : this is for my sons first easter-i want him safe
    Pam: First, I want to assure you that safety is our top priority and we manufacture our products to the strictest safety standards, both domestically and internationally. Our toys are some of the safest and most rigorously tested children’s products in the world.
    tamika : ok…i hope so-nobody ever mentions fisher price on their “eco toys” list
    Pam: Mattel does not manufacture or sell food contact items, such as baby bottles or sports bottles, and we require our licensees who make such products to use materials that do not contain BPA.
    Pam: As part of that commitment, we use only materials that have been carefully tested and that meet all applicable regulations of U.S. government agencies and their regulatory counterparts around the world.
    Pam: Here at Mattel, we have stringent safeguards in place that often go beyond applicable legal standards. We actively participate in industry safety groups to ensure that our standards are updated to reflect any developments in safety information. This is part of our long-standing commitment to parents and children.
    tamika : ok-but even though it is a toy-not a food product-it will still go in my kids mouth so it has to be all PVC, BPA and phthalate FREE
    tamika : I know you are copy and pasting-i am not a fan of the legal answer-i am just a concerned mother
    Pam: We totally understand. This toy is safe for your child. If it contained these chemicals it would be on the package as a warning.
    tamika anderson: ok
    tamika anderson: i hope you are right-thank you

    End Session

  15. Hi Tamika, thank you for including your conversation! I am going to be updating my list of safe bath toys soon so I hope that will be helpful to you, as well!

  16. Fisher price toys contain PVC and lead, and BPA. They only are BPA free in food items only. Please help me boycott fisher price.

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