Bon Ami Cleaning Products

bon ami powder cleanser

Until recently, I had no idea that Bon Ami carried multiple cleaning products.  I’ve used their Polishing Cleanser for years and like I said here, it’s a great safe alternative to Comet or Ajax.   It’s extremely affordable – just over $1 per can.

I’ve been using their other cleaning products for about a month and they are just as good as my favorite Polishing Cleanser (now called Powder Cleanser). In fact, I was actually disappointed when my first bottle of the All-Purpose Cleaner ran out.  It cleans well, has no soapy residue, doesn’t leave any film on my black granite counters and has no smell ( a big plus to me ).

Their Liquid Cleanser is similar to their powdered Polishing Cleanser but easier to use on surfaces like shower walls and tubs.  I’ve been using it in my porcelain kitchen sink because I’m out of the Powder Cleanser and it works just as well.  Tough on cleaning but super gentle.  Gentle enough to use on stainless steel and porcelain without scratching. The consistency is similar to Soft Scrub – so if you’re a Soft Scrub kind of girl – make the switch to Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser – it’s non-toxic and works just as well!

Bon Ami uses safe, simple ingredients that you can pronounce like baking soda, limestone and feldspar – all ingredients in their original formula made in 1886.  They don’t smell fake because they use essential oils for fragrance.

The company has totally updated all their packaging but it’s still got a great classic and clean look (I’m a sucker for cute packaging).  All the cleaning products are also bottled in recycled and recyclable packaging.  Unlike many other green cleaners, Bon Ami is also priced comparably to conventional brands – from just over $1 to $3.99.   You can buy online or find a local retailer.


Bon Ami

BonAmi is a great non-toxic alternative to Comet or Ajax.  The active ingredient in Comet is sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate, a chemical rated ‘highly toxic’ by the EPA.  

Created over 120 years ago, BonAmi is made from calcite & feldspar mineral abrasives, and biodegradable detergent.  It contains no chlorine, dye, phosphorus, or fragrance.  It’s recommended for use by those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. I use it on all of my stainless steel appliances and in my ceramic sink – it’s not abrasive so it cleans without scratching.  At just over $1 per can, it’s totally affordable.

For tips on how to use BonAmi for cleaning crystal, swimming pools, wooden decks and other items, check out the BonAmi website.

WHERE TO BUY:  BonAmi is available at grocery stores, mass retailers, hardware and health food stores.  You can search for a local retailer by state.


Green Spring Cleaning SERIES – Week 1

Spring cleaning is a great time to start incorporating healthier products and habits into your home’s environment. Instead of overwhelming yourself with all these tasks at one time, try completing one task per week. Each Wednesday, for the next 8 weeks, we’ll review one Green Spring Cleaning tasks for the week.  By May, your home will be cleaner and you can relax, breathing in fresher, cleaner air!

WEEK 1 – Green your cleaning products. 

Replace run of the mill ( laden with chemicals ) cleaning products with non toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Seventh Generation is one of the easiest brands to find, they are sold at Target, natural food stores, many grocery stores and online. Bon Ami is a great replacement for Comet/Ajax and costs the same. You can find Bon Ami at natural food stores or online.

DIY – Old fashioned, do-it-yourself, cleaners are “sweeping into homes“,  especially in this economy as they tend to be less expensive.  Even Martha Stewart recommends DIY from all purpose cleaners to floor cleaners to carpet cleaners.  For glass cleaning, a spray bottle of vinegar and water will do the trick or a bit of olive oil and and a damp rag will polish your furniture. 

In a recent article from the San Francisco Bee, Mrs. Meyer ( of Mrs. Meyer’s household products ), says that tartar, lemon, salt, olive oil, ketchup and even bread have their place in your cleaning arsenal – I’m going to find out how to use them as they are always stocked in my cabinets.  Ashley Chapman, an Ask.Com Organizational Expert, suggests using flour sack towels in place of paper towels – we all know that I’m a paper towel addict so I plan to try that out, too. 

We use a combination of purchased and homemade products and continue to use more homemade solutions as I have time to test them out.  You can expect more cleaning articles and newsletters as I discover more ways to use items in our pantries to clean our house.  Use whatever combination of purchased and homemade that works best for you! 

If you want to jump ahead to week 2, check out the entire MGG Guide to Green Spring Cleaning.  You can also print a copy to keep it on hand for each week’s task.