PlanetBox Stainless Steel Lunch Box

bagel_500w_rcSchool lunches are one of those places where it can be easy to “go green”.  Trade in plastic baggies for reusable cloth bags, pack cloth napkins, reusable utensils and bring along a stainless steel drink bottle.

There is one more step you can take to make your child’s lunch extra eco-friendly – choose a stainless steel lunch box.  Unlike many plastics, stainless steel is non-toxic and doesn’t leach, it can also be recycled.

The PlanetBox lunch box is the modern kid’s lunch box.  It has five individual compartments, one large enough for a sandwich and the others easily accommodate fruits and vegetables.  The smallest compartment is perfect for a small handful of your child’s favorite treat.  For messy foods like cottage cheese, you can put them in the Little or Big Dipper stainless steel container.  The lid is made with food-grade silicone rubber.

Sports Magnet Theme

Sports Magnet Theme

One of my favorite features, and the most unique, is the magnet themes you can attach to the front of the PlanetBox.  This allows the lunch box to grow with your child – no more replacing it each year to go with your child’s latest whims.  With seven themes, you’re bound to find one that your child will dig.  I’m sure you can expect PlanetBox to add more themes each year.

If you’re looking for more padding, you can pick up a carry bag.  Made with recycled polyester, it has a pouch on the front that is perfect for a cloth napkin and utensils.  It also has a drink holder, great for a stainless steel bottle.

It’s obvious that PlanetBox was designed by parents and tested by kids because nothing was left out!

WHERE TO BUY: You can buy PlanetBox lunch boxes online.


CONTEST CLOSED – Congratulations to Anne from British Columbia, Canada for winning!

1 lucky winner will get a PlanetBox lunch box with Retro Kitty magnets and a red carry bag! You can enter to win in any of the following ways:

  • Leave a comment telling us what your favorite PlanetBox magnet theme is!
  • Follow us on twitter @mommygoesgreen.
  • Retweet this contest.
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link.

Leave your comment by Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 11:59pm PST. Contest open to all U.S. and Canadian residents, ages 18+. We will choose 1 winner, at random, and notify them by email. Privacy Policy.



  1. Oooo the Rainbow magnets are so cute!

  2. I have to say I like the retro kitty the best and I am guessing my daughter would too!

  3. These are really great looking lunch kits. I love the retro kitty theme.

  4. I like the Rockets theme.

  5. I like the Under the Sea magnet theme

  6. My favorite PlanetBox magnet theme is Rainbow. Love the unicorn!

  7. I love the Modern Art design. I know that my daughter would love anything with kitties, however 😉 Thank you!

  8. susan varney says

    i like the rockets

  9. I have a 3 year old boy, so my favorite for him is the soccer theme. It is so cute!

  10. I am now following you on twitter


  11. I tweeted this, but I used the new retweet button, so I don’t know how to show it. Hope this works:

  12. Definitely a fan of Retro Kitty!

  13. I like the green globe the best.

  14. I like the Under the Sea theme. But I’m sure my son would like the Sports theme better.

  15. I have to say kitties are my fave. I hope I win!

  16. ROCKETS! hope to win

  17. either retro kittens or sea ones

  18. My favorite magnet is the planet globe one! love it! I have never heard of this product before now but I love it!

  19. Lisette Ramos says

    I love the under the sea them as my boy loves all sea life and water. Great giveaway I love having a lunch box that is stainless steel as I love making good whole organic food to go inside it.

  20. gifton gammon says

    I love the rockets and I’m sure my boys would too!

  21. ooh ooh the rainbows! unicorns rule.

  22. These are awesome. My favorite is the modern art, but they are all cool. I’m getting hungry looking at those yummy lunches they’ve packed 🙂 Thanks for the contest.

  23. Under the sea would be for me!

  24. I love the modern art one but my daughter is partial to the kitty theme.

  25. I love the rockets, my son would go crazy for them!

  26. Rocket theme!!!
    My son is all about space…, that is perfect!!
    Would love this since he carrys his lunch everyday!

  27. Very cool! My little guy starts Kindergarten next year, he would love the Rockets!

  28. I dig the Modern Art one! Yay for Pop Art

  29. I like the Green Globe or the Under the Sea magnet sets, but I know my son would love the Sports Balls. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. My son would love the sports!

  31. I love the rocket ship magnet theme. These boxes look amazing.

  32. I like anything with fish, so Under the Sea is my favorite. But they’re all fun!

  33. The sports theme – definitely!

  34. My son says RETRO KITTY all the way…but, I would go for Modern Art!! How fun!

  35. My favorite PlanetBox magnet theme is Under the sea. They’re all cute!

  36. Very cool lunch box…my kids would think it was fun to have their foods in compartments.

  37. Barbara Wilson says

    I love the rockets
    and I also follow you on twitter

  38. My favorite PlanetBox magnet theme is Retro Kitty.

  39. under the sea is my fav – my preschool classroom is decorated that way!

  40. Ana Torres says

    The rockets one is so cute!

  41. I love the whole concept and the Retro Kitty Magnets really have lots of cute colors.

  42. My favorite is the Rockets theme

  43. I like the modern art magnet theme.

  44. i think the rockets are super fun!

  45. Angela Huse says

    LOVE the rockets theme!!! My son would be thrilled to carry this into his lunch room!

  46. Adrienne Mesches says

    My favorite PlanetBox magnet theme is the Green Globe theme.

  47. I REALLY like the modern art one! I have wanted one of these for a while now, just cant bring myself to pay for it!

  48. I looooove the rockets!

  49. My little man is so into sports, so that is my fav theme by default. 🙂 With his multiple food allergies we have to bring his food wherever we go – these boxes RULE!!!

  50. I would LOVE the rockets for my little guy! His birthday is next week and he does an awesome ” rocket” impression.


  51. I like the Modern Art one best!

  52. Wow, what a fun giveaway!
    My little girl would flip out for the rainbow theme, but I think Retro Kitty or the underwater ones are *my* favorites!

  53. I love the rainbow theme!

  54. I follow through twitter (@jjak2003)

  55. The Modern Art set is my favorite-so cool!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  56. I like the under the sea theme

  57. I am following you on twitter as ptowngirl.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  58. I love the rocket magents…what a fun way to play during your lunchtime. Woudl definatley keep a few wiggly boys I know from getting in any trouble during lunch.

  59. I love the rocket magnets and know of 2 little boys who would stay out of trouble if they had something fun like this to keep them at the table 🙂

  60. Since I have a son who is a sports nut, naturally I’m drawn to that one, but I love the rockets too!

  61. My favorite is Under the Sea! I’m also following you on Twitter now!

  62. I love the modern art magnents.

  63. Rockets all the way!!

  64. Anne Taylor says

    The Modern Art Magnets are my favourite!


  65. Anne Taylor says

    Follow you on Twitter



  66. Anne Taylor says

    After I pushed the enter button I realized that I didn’t leave my twitter status. If you could delete the previous message that would be so appreciated.

    Here is the proper link

    Thanks so much

  67. Shanna Stojakovich says

    I love the retro theme, it’s fun for any age female (and some males as well I’m sure!) 😀

  68. love the sports theme

  69. I’d love the Modern Art style lunchbox! Thank you.

  70. Phyllis MacLuan says

    I love the Green Earth the best. They are awesome. Makes me want to remember to eat lunch! Thanks!

  71. I love the retro kitty! I’d love to own this awesome lunchbox. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. I love the Under the Sea theme, it’s really sweet!

  73. The retro kitty is my fave, with the under the sea being a second.

  74. I follow you on Twitter (@EricaJulien)

  75. Wow! This is just what I have been looking for- my son would love the rocket theme! I love them all!

  76. Rainbow all the way!!!!

    My 7 year old daughter would just flip to have this to eat her lunch from. She currently uses a plastic lunch box (think Tupperware except it isn’t) that is divided to hold her sandwich, veggies, fruit and occasionally a treat.

    How cool that you are giving this away:)

  77. I have been trying to figure out how to start sending my five kids w/ their lunches. I hate how the plastic is difficult to clean and i do not want to waste the baggies- these boxes would be awesome. I think my two teenage boys would get a kick out of the modern art ones. thanks for turning me on to these- would love to win one….

  78. The kitty magnets would be a favorite to go with our 3 creatures in the house!

  79. I love the Green Globe so I can use it for either of my kids. That said my daughter would go crazy for the Rainbow and my son the Rockets.

  80. T

  81. I would love this for my son. He starts school next year.


  82. I blogged about the giveaway here –

    amysweeps at gmail dot com

  83. I would love to win this! Love the sports for my boys!

  84. kathy dunaway says

    I think the Modern Art is kinda cool.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  85. Following on twitter – @neverdene

  86. My favorite theme is a tie between Retro Kitty and the Rockets. So cute.

    amysweeps at gmail dot com

  87. I love the rocket theme.

  88. i like the under the sea! i hope i win!! my hubby would LOVE this for work!

  89. My favorite is the Modern Art, but I think my 4 year-old would pick the rockets. Fabulous idea, I will definitely buy one … unless I get one for free 🙂

  90. Idea

  91. how about creating a farm based theme. relating what you eat to a family organic sustainaible farmer. I am a 3rd gen. Organic Valley framer and this could connect kids and the environment

  92. I’d go with the rockets for my son, very cute and clever

  93. Letitia D. Johnson says

    I love the rainbow theme

  94. I LOVE the Under the Sea theme. My girls would truly enjoy taking these to school. Great giveaway!

  95. rainbow is my favorite

  96. modern art

  97. My grandson would love the rockets!

  98. My daughter would love the rainbow theme.

  99. Loving the new Rainbow magnets. And I know one little 5 yr old that would love it for her new lunchbox for Kindergarten!

  100. this is so cool! i like the modern art graphics.

  101. i am following mommygoesgreen on twitter @creep4ward!

  102. I love the Green Globe theme! Reminds everyone of the “big picture!”

  103. Our daughter would love the rainbow magnets.

  104. I love the earth theme, this would probably encourage by little one to eat his lunch, he’s such a picky eater 🙁

  105. Personally I like the retro art one if I had a choice, but I know my son would love the Under the Sea one!

    These are ADORABLE!! Love it!! Hope I win!

  106. I LOVE the Modern Art theme and would LOVE to have one of these for my kids!!

  107. I now follow you on twitter @billymogues

  108. The modern art theme is so cute, but my son would love the sports theme best.

  109. These are awesome! Instant fave! The Retro Kitty is PURRfect (hee hee hee) because we have a black cat and a white cat, and our son adores them.
    Great giveaway, thank you!

  110. Now following you on twitter @lmvernon

  111. Under the sea is my favorite. 🙂

  112. I’m following you on twitter @retrohousewife5

  113. My favorite magent set is modern art, but my son is a sport nut so he would love the sport balls.

  114. I follow mommygoesgreen on twitter @shopninabobina

  115. I retweeted the contest

  116. I think the rainbow magnet set is adorable!

  117. The rainbow set is really cute. There always is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So, it is a positive inspiration for me.

  118. My 6 year old son isn’t into sports, but would love the rockets or under the sea themes. My personal fav is retro kitty.

  119. Patricia Hill says

    I love Retro Kitty.

  120. I like the modern art set.

  121. I like the Modern Art magnes most of all. Thanks.

  122. modern art

  123. Retro kitty! Meow!

  124. great to have

  125. I love the modern art theme.

  126. The Retro Kitty magnets totally rock – the are definitely my faves!!!

  127. They are all great, but my whole family loves anything that has to do with “under the sea.”

  128. I love the Modern Art lunchbox!

  129. I like the green globe…very cook idea

  130. following on twitter sistersledge22

  131. I love the Rocket theme the best and my 5 year old son agrees with me!

  132. I must say, I’m somewhere between the Modern Art theme and the Rockets theme. Although, I would be completely content going zen and choosing no theme at all. ^_^

  133. Uh oh! My son loves the sports theme, under the sea and the rockets! I’m in trouble. 😉

  134. We love anything with a space like theme. The rocket ship is our favorite. 🙂

  135. I love these!!!

    For me: the retro kitty
    For my daughter: rainbow theme


  136. under the sea or rainbow my dtr would love both

  137. My son would love the rockets. I love the idea of a non-plastic box, and that the magnets are interchangeable. I also love the ice pack feature and the storage compartment for a watter bottle. I showed the pictures on their site to my son and he actually got excited about the way the food looked. It’s a struggle to get him to eat, but this might be an eye-appealling way to get him excited about it, as well as helping Mom and Dad prep his lunches for him.

  138. Maria Phipps says

    wow, I just found you and am already very impressed. I love the under the sea theme.. very cute.
    also followed on twitter @littleelfing

    thanks a ton, cant wait to explore more on the site.

  139. My boys would love the rocket theme!

  140. mariangela says

    definetely the rainbow 🙂

  141. Elizabeth Starr Lilly says

    Oh so hard to choose a favorite! I would be afraid to tell my daughter that the magnets are interchangeable because she’d probably take them off at school and lose one, so I’d have to get just the perfect one for her… it would have to be the Rainbow pattern (complete with unicorn!).

  142. wow, these look awesome ~ exactly what i’ve been looking for! my daughter loves the kitty & my son is crazy about rockets 🙂 Thanks for sharing this great company!

  143. I love the under the water theme!
    followed you on twitter and RTed

  144. I love the green globe theme! Thanks for the opportunity.

  145. love the “under the sea” theme

  146. My toddler son would love the rocket theme! He would be the coolest kid at his preschool!

  147. The Retro Kitty theme is super cute!

  148. ruth hanschka says

    I’d go for either the kitties or rocket ships. Could you do one of Hubble telescope pictures too, or something similar?

  149. I like the Kitty!

  150. The “Under the Sea” is my daughters favorite!

  151. The Sports Balls and Rockets are perfect for my little boy! Overall I have to say that PlanetBox is a fantastic eco-friendly idea and I plan on spreading the word!

  152. I love the green globe. What you really need is an ecology flag (I still have mine from the ’70s!)

  153. Modern Art!!

  154. I love the rocket theme!

  155. I’m following on Twitter @punkinbean

  156. My son would love the earth designs! So cool.

  157. I would like the modern art graphics

  158. I like the Rockets. It’s nice that they are inexpensive enough that they can be changed around.

  159. The Retro Kitty theme is my favorite! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  160. I am now following you on Twitter. Thanks!

  161. Retro Kitty is actually my favorite – tho the modern art is pretty fitting for a lunchbox with the iconic campbell soup and bananas…..

  162. I Love the Modern Art theme. What a great ecofriendly idea!!! And we are all going green in our home.

  163. nhmoose_x-ing says

    My son and I looked at the different art work he likes the sports I like the modern art. He asked if he didnt win could I buy him one. I said yes but keep your fingers crossed….lol

  164. I love these lunch boxes! Eibhleann would love the “Under the Sea” theme, I think. I’m also following you on Twitter, and have retweeted the contest!

  165. My daughter would love the Rainbow magnet set.

  166. I love the Green Planet theme but I think my son would like the Sports Balls and my daughter would prefer the Under the Sea.

  167. Modern Art all the way!

  168. What a cool lunch box. I’d love to see adult themes.

  169. i love all of them but i gotta say the “modern art” theme looks really cool. 🙂

  170. Excellent, Excellent product! the changeable magnet idea was genius! I am a Cat Lady and I love the Kitties for me or daughter. The Rockets are very cool and Retrp looking, perfect for a son. I love the Art Box and the Sports is very versital also. The Rainbow box is so girley and cheery and the Under the Sea so cute!
    I would have to buy several and inter change them.

  171. I think my son would be very verrrrrry happy with this cool lunchbox, especially with the ROCKETS theme! Thanks for the chance at winning 🙂

  172. Green Planet is great!

  173. Eric Seberg says

    My daughter could really use this.

  174. I think my favorite magnet set would be the modern art set.

  175. My son would love the rockets…. but he won’t need a lunch box until the fall, so I would love using the retro kitty magnets until then. And maybe at that point, I’d have to buy my own set!

  176. great art

  177. I love the retro kitties, though my son would flip for the rocket magnets!!

  178. What an absolutely awesome green way of bringing lunch to school!

  179. my favorite theme is the modern art one!

  180. I ♥ the Under the Sea theme

  181. following on twitter (atlantagalknows)

  182. Modern Art or Rockets-this idea is so cool!

  183. I like the total package:PlanetBox Complete

    PlanetBox, 1 set of magnets, 1 Big

    and 1 Little Dipper and Carry Bag. This would be great to use for my son.

  184. Modern art theme should have been my first answer. I didn’t do it correctly. Sorry,

    I follow you on Twitter!~dresdenrain.

  185. Tweet!~

  186. I blogged here:

    Loving the kitty magnets, too.

  187. twitter follower– kgail11

  188. love the KITTY theme!

  189. under the sea is my favorite

  190. KEVEN CANANN says


  191. My friends call me Kat and I love the kitties but I have to say that the undersea one is my favorite.

  192. angelace07 says

    I like the modern art theme : )

  193. the under the sea theme is sooo cute! i would love to have that 🙂

  194. My grandson would love either the Rockets or the Sports Balls theme and my granddaughter would love the Rainbow or Retro Kitty one. I like the Under the Sea design for myself :o) The pricing is so reasonable too… wonderful product and I like the personalization through the magnets.

  195. Anne Taylor says

    I love the Under The Sea Theme


  196. Anne Taylor says

    Follow mommygoesgreen on Twitter



  197. Anne Taylor says
  198. The Modern Art magnets are fantastic!! I love this lunchbox.

  199. Under the Sea is by far my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Cassandra Pace says

    I definitely like the modern art one the best 🙂

  201. My favorite is Under the Sea. This is a really neat lunch box.

  202. I like Under the Sea!! These are neat!

  203. i like modern art!

  204. I would like the sports one.

  205. Monique Rizzo says

    I like under the sea. Thanks for the chance!!

  206. I like the rockets. 🙂

  207. I like the green globe

  208. Susan Clark says

    I must say… I’m partial to the retro-kitty!! I used to have a kitty that was black…he was with me 17 years!! Gotta lov’em!

  209. Kristi Lynn says

    The Retro Kitty and Modern Art themes are great! Love these lunchboxes!

  210. I love this idea!! I already have the stainless steel thermos. Now all I need is the lunchbox.

  211. I like the Under the Sea ones best.

  212. My favorite theme is retro kitty, my daughter loves animals so very much, we just lost our cat, our 12 year old cat. She keeps saying kitty. I would love those magnets on the box.

    I blogged about this contest and blog.

  213. Magnets eco friendly? – LOL


  214. Love the modern one with the soup cans on it….reminds me of when art deco was in….am I aging myself here! LOL

  215. My favorite is the modern art…

  216. wanda gilliard says

    I like the under the sea theme and the modern art theme.

  217. I like the modern art magnet set the best

  218. I like the under the sea magnet – great products – thanks so much for the review and heads up.

  219. I follow you on twitter @artemis432 I figured out how to do this! usually the comment section is at the bottom so I was entering it at the website – there is no clue that this is the comment section – I just had to clck around. I also can’t see the boxes for name and email.

  220. My son, a picky eater, would love this. I went to the planetbox site and showed him some pics. He’s actually excited to have lunch this way. He likes the rocket one, but also the enviromental-friendly globe one too. It’s a great way to make healthy eating more exciting, esp. to a visual kid. I’m following you on twitter. Thanks for sharing this info!

  221. Fawn Ulam Hammons says

    I love the Green Globe. It is a great reminder of why everyone should choose a reusable stainless steel lunch box. What a great idea and great for the planet!

  222. Happi Shopr says

    Modern Art is my fav.

  223. Happi Shopr says

    I follow on twitter (@happishopr)

  224. Happi Shopr says
  225. My favorite PlanetBox Magnet Theme is Rainbow! Unicorn Power!

  226. I like the rainbow magnet theme

  227. I love the Under the Sea magnets!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  228. I like the Modern Art Magnets.


  229. I now follow you on Twitter (littlecomper)

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  230. This is SUCH a wonderful idea- being a teacher I can’t believe how much paper waste is used with a child’s cold lunch.

  231. Breanna newbill says

    i would for sure pick the modern set! this is such a fantastic product idea!!

  232. My favorite magnet theme is Retro Kitty. Thanks.

  233. My favorite theme, for my son, is the rocket theme. Close second is the sports ball theme.

    Personally, I like the underwater creatures magnets, but son would appreciate them in bolder colors.

    Thanks for this terrific opportunity. I love this lunchbox system!

    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  234. Following on twitter as tsue1136

    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  235. tweeted as tsue1136

    Win a green lunchbox system

    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  236. I like the Under the Sea set!


  237. I like the rocket theme – the artist snuck in a pencil as a rocket in the lower corner. That can inspire creativity (thinking outside the usual function) and subliminally encourage writing.

  238. i like the Under the Sea theme! These are really neat! thanks for the chance to win!


  239. i am following you on twitter!

  240. I like the Rockets theme best!

  241. I like the Under The Sea magnet set.

  242. I follow you on twitter @my13ducks

  243. I love the Modern Art set!

  244. I follow via Twitter @socialison

  245. Tweeted @socialison

    This is seriously the coolest lunchbox I have ever seen!

  246. I love the Modern Art magnets. Thanks for the chance!

  247. I follow on twitter (@whitechocolatec)

  248. My favorite theme is the sports balls one. My son would love it


  249. I follow on twitter as Prairiebelle


  250. tweeted


  251. To show my due diligence I’ll say that I really like the “Under The Sea” magnet theme… But I reallly LOVE the RETRO KITTY:

    We happen to have two kitties, one is all white and the other is a black Tuxedo Cat (white paws, chest and tummy…) so the magnets are soooo perfect!

  252. The Under the Sea is my fave! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  253. The Green Globe Magnet set is my fave, wow this lunchbox is awesome!!

  254. I’m following you via twitter


  255. My fave is the Rocket theme!

  256. I like the Under The Sea magnets. Great they have more choices now!!

  257. I like the Under the Sea theme best

  258. I follow on twitter as edmontonjb

  259. rockets

  260. My boys are nuts about robots and rockets. We are loving the rocket magnet set and would love to use one of these lunch boxes!!

  261. These are fabulous! I love the Under the Sea one. 🙂

  262. I follow you on Twiiter @ molomatic


  263. Retro Kitty, of course! When you live with kitty lovers everything is kitties!

  264. I follow on Twitter!~dresdenrain.

  265. Tweet!~

  266. I like the Modern Art and Retro Kitty.

  267. I love these lunch boxes…. the retro kitty magnets are my favorite.

  268. Since I have 10 cats, my fave is the retro kitty design. iT’S SO CUTE!

  269. Love the Rockets magnets!

  270. jennifer webb says

    love the lunch box, happy to have a friend who shared her source… so tired of wiping spilled milk out of the bottom of my daughter’s fabric carry bag! She loves retro kitty… but my son votes for modern art…

  271. kathy pease says

    i like the Under the Sea

  272. kathy pease says

    following on twitter klp1965

  273. kathy pease says
  274. I have nine cats, so I like RetroKitty, but I also like science fiction, so the Rockets theme is very appealing as well.

  275. I definitely like the modern art one the best

  276. pls follow me as I can follow u later becos of twitter limits

  277. tweeted @momsfocus

  278. Modern Art is my fave theme.

  279. I follow mommygoesgreen on twitter – choochoo428

  280. I love the rockets 🙂

  281. Veronica Garrett says

    I would choose Modern Art.

  282. the sports balls are nice for my grandsons

  283. The Under the Sea theme looks very nice!

  284. Heard about this too late to win but not too late to look @ bringing those into my store! What a great idea!

    I also have a contest if you’d like the chance to win! click on Contests & promotions – draw date Feb 28th! (2010)

    I’ll be following you too – great site!


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