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I’m not a big makeup girl – I use a few basic products and I tend to stick to what I like – I don’t venture out to new products very often. Recently, I decided that I needed to find safer, paraben-free makeup products but I didn’t want to spend the time (or a lot of money) testing new products. I’ve been using Physician’s Formula Organic Wear tinted moisturizer for a year– I use it daily because it has light coverage, it moisturizes AND has SPF 15. Basically it’s a great all-in-one which is perfect for a mom with limited time on her hands. I highly recommend it.

Since I liked that product so much, I decided to try out the other products in the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear line. To sweeten the deal, I made sure that the store I purchased them from had a return policy that allows you to try out a new product and return it if you don’t like it – thank you to Fred Meyer! I got the eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

The eyeliner is exactly how I like them – soft, thick pencil tip – goes on easily and stays on all day. I’m sticking with this one.

I’ve been buying the same brand of mascara for 10 years and love it but I know it has junky ingredients. It’s going to be hard to replace. The Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascarahas an interesting wand – like nothing I’ve seen. If you like your eyelashes defined and thin layers of mascara – this is perfect for you. It’s never chunky or goopy. It works fine for me for every day – but I do have to put on multiple layers. If I was going out at night – I might go back to old faithful until I find another brand.

As for the lip gloss – I returned it to the store. I love lip gloss but when I put this on, I flashed back to the 80’s with my frosted, glossy lips. I’m on the lookout for another brand.

What are your favorite makeup brands?



  1. Alima Pure ( is a company started in Portland, Oregon that was created to take the gunk out of powder make-up. I use their blush, eye shadow and lip gloss.

    From their website:

    At Alima Pure, we create our mineral makeup using only the purest cosmetic-grade mineral pigments. Our mineral cosmetics are never made with additives, fillers or fragrances that can irritate your skin or clog your pores. In fact, the pigments in our natural makeup are actually beneficial for your skin, offering sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties. So when you wear Alima Pure natural mineral makeup you look your best, and your skin can breathe.

    Suki is my everything else company (! I love their skin line and also use their tinted moisturizer and concealer (click on sukicolor).

    Suki has spent a lot of time developing and expanding their product lines. When the Environmental Working Group miscategorized some of their ingredients, they fought them to have it corrected.

    From their website:

    the suki® philosophy of truth skin deep™ exposes the authentic purpose of our ingredients to our conscientious consumers. i believe in using the purest of ingredients & lead my suki® organic innovation lab™ through every step of the process. from selecting hand-chosen raw materials, to creating the suki® proprietary botanic concentrate™, to blending & pouring products in-house, to choosing environmentally responsible packaging, i have tirelessly tested formulation after formulation to bring 100% natural, results driven products to you.

  2. I had a horrible experience with these products unfortunately. I have only tried the concealer and bronzer but both were a waste of money. I’ll have to give the eyeliner a go because that’s one of the things I haven’t found a decent replacement for.

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