Gardening Themed Easter Baskets

We will be heading south to warmer weather over the Easter holiday so I’ve been putting together a few things to celebrate while on vacation. I really like to fill Easter baskets with a few things the kids can truly use or would love to have, instead of tossing a bunch of candy in there. Because, honestly, that’s what the grandmas are for.

This year, I’ve decided to do each basket based on a theme: gardening for Sissy and sports for Bubby.  For Valentine’s Day, Sissy got a child-sized garden box. It’s small and portable since we plan to move in the next year.  If you want to build a more permanent box, Better Homes & Gardens has a great tutorial on DIY garden boxes for kids.

Now that the weather is turning, it’s time to get started on prepping the box and planting seeds. Right after Easter, we will put the seeds into our mini greenhouse and wait for the frost to pass. My guess is, that will be sometime in May. Then we’ll transfer the plants to her garden box and a few larger pots. She will have responsibility for her own box, with some oversight from me, of course.

Gardening Themed Easter Basket | Mommy Goes Green

To help Sis get excited about gardening and provide her with her own tools, this is what I’m putting together for her Easter basket:

1. Plain canvas tote for her to decorate herself

2. Child-sized garden gloves

3. Metal hand garden tools

4. Organic vegetable and flower seeds (I’m going with Seeds of Change this year)

5. Popsicle sticks (used to label each plant)

6. Peat pots to start our seed in

Here’s a few more ideas for your own gardening theme basket:

What is going in your Easter baskets this year?


  1. Love this post – I saw it too late for this year but will remember it for next! (I feel like my Easter baskets were kind of lame this year. It gets much harder as my girls get older!).

  2. I have been doing themed baskets for years!!! My oldest is 25, middle child 15 and youngest is 6. I LOVE themed baskets. One year for my oldest, I did a tackle box. Small amount of candy, but added some fun Mickey bobbers and other things that she couldn’t get hurt with. A few years ago, I revisited the tackle box idea and did two for my other two. One year, it was a cooking theme for my older two and the youngest was trucks. A big dump truck filled with smaller outdoor toys. Now that my middle is in her teens… bath and nail stuff or hair things.

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