2010 PVC Free School Supplies

I can’t believe we’re in ‘Back to School’ season already.  In the Pacific NW, summer started, like yesterday.  It was a loooooong rainy winter and I’m not sure spring even showed up this year. 

The Center for Health, Environment and Justice has just released their Back to School Guide for PVC Free School Supplies.  Remember, PVC is the “poison plastic” and one you should avoid as much as possible because of the nasty chemicals it leaches.

This comprehensive 17 page guide lists everything from art supplies to backpacks to binders to dry erase markers and paperclips (colored paper clips are coated with PVC).  Everything you could possibly need for school is on this list.  Print it out and take it with you to the store.  If you want the condensed version, print out the wallet size version.

A great place to start your shopping is Stubby Pencil Studio.  The owner and mama, Kate, finds non-toxic school supplies for all ages.

My kids aren’t yet of the age where I need to purchase “school supplies” but many of the the items on the list we still use in our home office or for home craft projects so I’ll be referencing it frequently.  You’ll be surprised at how many things you use on a regular basis that have PVC.  The good news is that there ARE alternatives!

What PVC free school supplies will you be buying this year?


PVC Free Placemats and Chalk Mats

CM-2043-2TI love these placemats from Jaq Jaq Bird.  What makes them special is not only are they PVC-Free, BPA-Free AND Phthalate-FREE but they are also chalk boards!  Perfect for keeping kids entertained before dinner gets on the table or after they are finished (patiently) waiting for everyone else!  A pocket on the mats hold your child’s chalk, crayons or pens.

CC-4200-2TJaq Jaq Bird carries three different fun tools for writing on the chalk mats.  Chalk Pens are toxic and scent free.  They work like a dry-erase market, wiping up with a damp cloth.  Butter Chalk is made out of clam shells so it’s completely free of dust. They are more like crayons then chalk and don’t break as easily.  I love how versatile these are as they can be used on windows, white boards, plastics and in the bathtub.  Comes in 5 colors.  Scallop Shells Chalk is made out of scallop shells (instead of the typical calcium carbonate) and it’s also dust-free.  Comes in 5 colors.