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DSC_0502The BPA saga continues…..

Do you can?  I make strawberry jam every summer – that is the extent of my canning expertise. Unfortunately, I just found out that my favorite Ball canning jars have BPA in the lid.

Jarden Home Brands is the manufacturer of many of the most popular home canning products : Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest, and Bernardin.  On their website, they state “the coating on our home canning lids is designed to protect the metal from reacting with the food it contains. A small amount of Bisphenol A is present in the coating.”

However, the good news for those of you with the plastic canning containers and lids – they DO NOT contain BPA.

It figures that I would buy glass canning jars because overall, I think glass is safer than plastic and then the stinkin’ lids would have BPA!  So disappointing – I have 50 Ball jam jars!

If you are interested in complaining to Jarden to encourage them to find a safer way to manufacture their canning lids – do it here!

You can purchase BPA FREE canning jars and lids from Weck Canning, a German company.  This is the only alternative I have found.  Let me know if you found anything else!

UPDATE: There are now more BPA free options for canning jar lids.  Please see my updated list here.



  1. I emailed LeifHeit, a german maker of metal-topped canning jars & they replied that their lids did not contain bpa. Their site doesn’t address it at all but if it’s true it’s a great alternative to the U.S. brands & probably cheaper than weck. Even better, is if their lids, rings & seals fit U.S. brand jars then you could have a bpa free affordable alternative.

  2. Hi –

    Leifheit has now changed their official statement and is admitting that their lids DO contain BPA! I just called this week and confirmed.

  3. Lehman’s, a store in southern Ohio, sells seemingly unlined canning lids. Not a brand associated with Ball, etc. I haven’t called to verify, but it might be worth looking into. They only sell them in bulk.


  4. There are BPA-free canning lids that work with regular glass jars. They’re plastic, but BPA free. I found ’em here:


  5. I Just received my Tattler Canning lids in the mail. I opened one package to look under the lid and found A PLASTICS RECYCLE 7 Number!!!!! This is BS There is no way I’m keeping these. I don’t trust any #3 or #7 God!!!, and the website fails to mention they are made with #7 plastic otherwise i wouldn’t have bought them.

    SAY NO TO TATTLER CANNING LIDS!! go with lehmans if they are truly bpa free iv got to research for myself

  6. Judy England says

    Chewbaka, I hope you will take the time to go to:


    and THOROUGHLY read the informative material that is on the BPA free? page. For instance:
    ‘the presence of the symbol DOES NOT automatically mean that all products in the category contain BPA.’

    IF you have additional questions, please call the Company and talk to the personnel about their product.

    Here is the name of the plastic:
    Polyoxymethylene, read about it and make an informed decision. BPA vs ?

  7. Unfortunately Chewbaka, you are very misinformed. All #7 plastics do not necessarily contain BPA. BPA is a #7 plastic, but not all #7 contains BPA. The category 7 is a catch all for BPA plastics not specified in the first 6 categories. Tattler reusable canning lids DEFINITELY do not contain BPA.

  8. i have lids that are all metal on the inside, and the others that are white poison. does anyone know where to buy the all metal lids/ who makes them?

  9. what are the jars in the picture?

  10. I am looking for jelly jars the same size/shape as the one in the picture (4-5 oz), round bottom…..Ball & Kerr don’t seem to make them anymore! Help!

  11. The jars in the photo are from Ball are the ones I own (their Elite collection) and I purchased them at Fred Meyer but they are not 4-5 oz, they are 16 oz. Ball does make an 8oz jar in this collection here: http://www.freshpreservingstore.com/detail/TCL+1440061162

  12. Ayana – The jars in the photo are the 16oz Ball jars from the Elite Collection here: http://www.freshpreservingstore.com/detail/TCL+1440061180

  13. Hello all,

    Thanks for sharing. Please anyone knows where i can purchase canning jar 120z and 160z wholesale for affordable price? Starting a new spice business.
    Thank you

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