31 Days: The No Spend Month {Day 1}

2 years ago, I sorely needed a break from any commitments beyond my family.  So I stopped writing on Mommy Goes Green, although I did not stop writing entirely.

This summer, I started toying with the idea of writing here again.  But I wanted to change things up because I, as a person and a green mom, have changed in the last 2 years.

So while I may not be a regular, I will be back more regularly.

To kick off my reentry, I’m joining a project over at The Nester, encouraging 31 days of writing on a specific topic.

Mine? How to have a ‘No Spend Month’. I did not come up with the idea of a No Spend Month myself, I’m brilliant at times but not that brilliant. I got the idea from Rachel at Small Notebook.

We’ve been tackling our spending for two years, trying to whittle down our budget, line item by line item. And once in awhile, we just blow the budget.

We moved this summer and it’s been down hill since then: both cars needed new tires, we ate out a lot, groceries are more expensive in our new place and the list goes on.

So to stop our spending in its tracks, and save a few dollars for the Christmas gift coffer, we are paring our budget down to the essentials for the month of October.  Cutting back wherever we can:

  • groceries
  • household needs
  • eating out and entertainment
  • gas
  • utilities
  • gifts
  • clothing
  • kids

Stick with me for the next 31 days to see where we end up. My hope is that it will inspire you to spend less and save more in areas you might have never thought of.  And I hope to pick up ideas to save money from readers, too.

Below are the links to all the days (so far) in The No Spend Month, I hope you’ll follow along!

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  1. Looking forward to the rest of your 31 day challenge!

  2. Good luck! I did a no spend moth. I think you will do great and will find many ways to cut back on whatever it is you want to. It’s a great feeling 🙂

  3. Looking forward to reading your ideas!

  4. October seems like the perfect time for a no-spend month, with the holidays right around the corner!

  5. I’m loving this series!! I’ve talked to my husband before about doing a “no spend” month but we’ve never gotten up the courage to actually do it! We’re trying to tighten our budget now as I’m a working mom but hoping to become a SAHM starting in January. We will definitely need to cut back and I love your practical tips!

  6. This series comes at a great time in my family’s life. I am 5 weeks from giving birth to our 3rd child and already on a very part-time basis at work. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration.

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